008 Verso

Street Light




May 2008




Industrial Design




Hugo Paiva / And-Ré


Bruno André, Ricardo Guedes, Hugo Paiva, Francisco Ré

Verso was first conceived as part of the Vilamoura Avenue project. An element that should adapt to the organic context, becoming itself an ambiguous shaped object…

As the main ambition was focused on adaptation, not only the shape is directly affected, but also choice of a neutral material…

The result is a 3-piece object of stainless steel, which are manually welded to each other. All the optical systems were carefully taken care by Soneres, experts on street lighting…

The result is a street lamp that is perceived in different ways, from different angles, as people move around it…

Signal columns/bollards were also designed, as part of a street light system. They follow the overall formal solution with the triangle section and brushed steel materiality…

The bollards' optical light has shutters that create a vertical "motion", so it doesn´t affect drivers with a glare effect…

The Verso lamp have won in 2011, the Larus Iberian Lighting Design Award. The award distinguished the best architecture and design concepts in urban equipment, of the previous 5 years.