001 Sidegrade

Self-Sufficient Pod




November 2005


IAA Catalunya / Actar editors


Residential 50m²


Selected and Published




Bruno André, Ricardo Guedes, Francisco Ré

The first competition “Self-Sufficient Housing”, was meant to challenge young architects to research on new ways of living, addressing environmental concerns on the way we build our cities…

Sidegrade is a temporary structure that attaches itself to the unoccupied facades, highly common in the city landscape. Provides ecological and economical upgrades to the existing building, by collecting water, absorbing solar energy, and enabling advertisement…

The 50m² unit offers the minimum habitat for 1 to 2 tenants, that will be in charge of guaranteeing the maintenance and manage the sustainable systems and machinery…

The shape follows the adequate inclination for solar panels, while the bottom area becomes a water reservoir. The expandable/retractable system will adapt to each building, and while the top surfaces support solar panels, the bottom surfaces provide space for advertisement…

Although based on a conceptual exercise, Sidegrade aims to contribute to a broader discussion on solving the poor ecological criteria/implementation of the majority of our cities, especially on older settlements.