005 Multi+

Multiuse Container




March 2007


Tektonica 07 competition / OASRS


Infrastructural 40-100 m²


1st Prize




Bruno André, Ricardo Guedes, Francisco Ré

The challenge of the Tektonica 2007 competition, was to create an "object" of neutral and uncertain programmatic character, which should cope with the necessities of several underprivileged populations…

The response is a social dynamo, mutable, flexible and plural, for a quick and accurate response to the needs. The solution is a sectional block that expands into three elements, resulting in different floor areas and ways of use…

Each element has a different function: on one side a counter that can be used as a bar, a kiosk, info point, etc; the middle volume has the access when closed, and service w.c. ; the other side is stage, with multimedia support, that can be used for a concert, lectures, or any kind of performance…

As for the social context, the facade can be customized in order to blend itself in some communities, where the acceptance is a vital key for a long and real social support, whether is a ghetto, a deserted village, or refugee communities…

After winning the 2007 edition, we were invited to build a prototype of the winning proposal, to host the 2008 edition of the Tektonica Prize, as well the Portuguese Architecture Association pavilion on the annual fair…

The pavilion consisted in two divided elements. One would host an event/multimedia space where the presentation of the new projects would be presented, and the second volume became the OASRS information desk and book selling.