044 Drama

Design Shanghai


Shanghai, China


March 2018


DRAMA studio


Exhibition 36m²




Ricardo Guedes

The 6x6 exhibition space is defined by the dividing wall and the imposing existing column, while Drama´s objects and circulation buffer take up to 50% of the available area. The 3 side condition, can be an opportunity but requires a thoughtful layout, where undefined boundaries could turn out to be a circulation issue…

The ambition was to unveil Drama´s collectable pieces, with a space that invites visitors to explore and discover objects of worship, through a scenic orchestrated environment…

The X layout solution defines clearly the limits while inviting visitors to explore the exhibition. The visitors will experience the exhibition in 3 levels, from the corridor, inside the red pockets, and on the objects stage.…

Being Drama´s international debut, the “red carpet” concept was addressed, contaminating also the backdrop wall…

Each piece occupies its position on the X mark, thus creating an individual space for each piece, regardless of being part of the rest of the collection, or not…

The light halos that frame piece, enhances the scenic experience, by adding shadows, reflections, and other visual effects to each mass and material…

The booth became an attraction on the Collectables Hall, at Design Shanghai 2018. Matching DRAMA´s ambition to position themselves in the Chinese Art & Design market.