014 Dermis

Burgos Youth House


Burgos, Spain


February 2008


Burgos City Hall


Education / Museum / Office 500 m²




Filipe Secca


Ricardo Guedes, Filipe Secca

The new Youth House site, next to the Burgos cathedral, sits right in the middle of the city historic centre. On the edge of the Camino de Santiago…

In such prominent location, it must complete the block, and host a program that by definition, is the opposite of every building around it. An injection of contemporaneity into the medieval town…

The new volume shall perform as a programmatic dynamo, that invites visitors and citizens while being neutral on the visual relation to the surrounding. A “white canvas” façade can both give anonymity, but also offer a skin to be temporarily customised…

The plans have different setbacks from the outdoor "skin", providing a more dynamic spatial and visual relations. By liberating as much as possible the ground floor, although keeping the volume limit, the citizens are invited to pass through and get a glimpse of the events held by the Youth House…

An important part of the program is event/performance oriented, so by creating an exhibition space that can be opened to the exterior, the city square becomes part of the performance.